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What's a Bloug?

Bloug is Lou's blog; B*lou*g, get it? And what's a blog? It's short for "web log," and is simply a place on the Web for an individual (usually) to enter postings about whatever that blog is about. This one's about information architecture and anything else I want to discuss. The Blogger site has a much better definition of blog.

Why Bloug?

I'll admit it — I've always found blogs really narcissistic. As bad as registering your own name as a domain name. I certainly never thought I'd partake; it's just not my style.

But here I am, blogging away. Hypocrite? Maybe. But convert too — more and more I've found that blogs are the Web's most compelling reading, convincing me that self-expression does not equal conceit. And as someone who has suddenly found himself a solo consultant again, I need to find opportunities to interact and discuss information architecture wherever and whenever I can. Ergo, Bloug.

The Bloug Guarantee
WARNING: narcissism ahead

Narcissism is irksome, but it's hard not to talk about oneself in a blog. So I'll place the above hotdog icon in front of any Bloug entry to warn you if it contains narcissism. If I screw up and yammer on about myself and neglect to tip you off with that icon, nail me. Send me an email and let me know where and when I screwed up. In return I'll enter you into a monthly drawing for a signed polar bear book. (OK, so I co-wrote the book; and you saw the hotdog.)

Keep up with Bloug

Subscribe to the BlougList, a Yahoo group created exclusively for Blougies, and I'll email you the full-text of each posting while it's fresh and hot from the oven. Don't worry--no discussion or other postings--just Bloug entries and nothing else.

Wish you'd done so sooner? Wish you hadn't missed out on all those wonderful Bloug postings and comments? Don't despair; visit the Bloug archive.

The Goodness Inside Bloug

Bloug's visual design, technical tweaks, and client manipulations were handled by my good friends Myra and Rich at Studio Mobius. Bloug runs courtesy of those wonderful Trotts and their Movable Type software. Bloug is 100% recycled, uses 20% post-consumer waste, and is unbleached.

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