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Dec 04, 2001: i wonder

WARNING: narcissism ahead

i don't know what it is, but i've finally come to the point where i just have to know: what is it with typing email (or even blog entries) all in lower case? were certain people sick the day the teacher taught the class how to capitalize? or is there a virus attacking the shift and caps lock on keyboards across the world? and hey, the shift key couldn't really be broken, as so many of these folks end their sentences with question marks... any theories out there?

i don't know... maybe they're sort of related to those of us who overuse ellipses... or who absolutely have to end every one of their digital communications with a silly little sign off phrase or word, like "have a nice day," "peace," or "l'chaim"...


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Comment: christina (Dec 18, 2001)

me: "What "do* designers have against capitalization?"

mike: "they get used like exclamation marks: Too Often And For Emphasis!!!!! (usually the emphasis is that the copy sucks, but we'll build around it with exclamation marks, or "bangs" in marketinguese, and caps.)

in the event of cap & bang bloat i usually strip them all out and get the client to put them back in. they generally put back about 25% of what I took out.

In one particularly dire situation I talked marketing down by telling them that caps added significant overhead in k-count. We then came to the compromise that we would capitalize the first word of every sentence and the CEO's name. To give them a "warm fuzzy" I agreed to capitalize the first word in every paragraph too.

I like making people happy! (<--bang)"

Comment: christina (Dec 18, 2001)

What your comment form stripped out (don't you want to let people use html?)was this was a conversation between www.eleganthack.com and www.biggerhand.com

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