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Jan 02, 2004: Wow

WARNING: narcissism ahead

Iris Rachel Rosenfeld joined us early the morning of December 31, healthy, beautiful, and even smiling a bit. 7 lbs, 10 oz. MJ is doing great, and I'm in love.

Iris Rachel Rosenfeld

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Comment: jjg (Jan 2, 2004)

Many congratulations!

Comment: Chris (Jan 2, 2004)

A great start to the new year.

Comment: Tony Byrne (Jan 2, 2004)

She does look beautiful...congrats! And let me be the first on this list (but no doubt the umpteenth in your life) to commend Iris on her great timing tax-wise...

Comment: jess (Jan 2, 2004)

Wonderful! Congratulations - hope you, MJ, and Iris are enjoying a relaxed start to the New Year (though Iris may not understand yet that 'relaxed' includes sleeping at night ;)

Comment: Gene (Jan 2, 2004)

Congrats Lou!

Comment: -challis (Jan 2, 2004)

You just made my day...and the rest of your life. My best to MJ and Iris. You're a lucky man.

Comment: mike (Jan 2, 2004)

Congratulations, Lou.. enjoy!!! you've got some really great years ahead of you, and a whole new learning curve to experience...

Comment: vanderwal (Jan 2, 2004)

Congratulations!!! Happy Birthday Iris, you have chosen great parents. May great blessings and wishes see Iris through a wonderful life.

It is so good to know MJ and baby are well. Take care of them well Lou, as I know you will. Oh yes, welcome to the IA Baby Club.

Comment: Mike Lee (Jan 2, 2004)

Magnificent news! Iris Rachel is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Best from our family to yours.

Comment: Liv (Jan 3, 2004)

Congratulations Lou! Happy birthday Iris, and welcome to the Web :)

Comment: Peter (Jan 3, 2004)

Great news, congratulations! I wish you all all the best!

Comment: Michael (Jan 3, 2004)

Congratulations, Lou and MJ. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Happy Birthday, Iris!

Comment: Matt (Jan 4, 2004)

Wow! Congratulations! Lovely name...

Comment: Nancy (Jan 4, 2004)

¡Qué bebé tan linda! Felicidades to the proud parents. Iris, you're so lucky to have such great parents! Best wishes to all three of you.

Comment: Lou (Jan 4, 2004)

MJ and I are overwhelmed with all the wonderful notes; thanks everyone! More Iris pix now available at: http://louisrosenfeld.com/home/iris.html

Comment: Ginny Wolter (Jan 4, 2004)


It's been a while, since Library School, but congratulations, what a cutie.

Comment: Madonnalisa & Jeff (Jan 4, 2004)

Welcome to the world Iris! Great label! Congrats Lou & MJ! Wishing you all the best in life. We can't wait to meet the new addition.

Comment: Ian (Jan 5, 2004)


Comment: Beth (Jan 5, 2004)

Congratulations to the Rosenfeld family...Iris is a real beauty!

Comment: Javier & Pilar (Jan 5, 2004)

Many congratulations and the best of luck.

A lovely 'label' indeed for such a cute girl. Welcome Iris Rachel!

Comment: Mike (Jan 6, 2004)

WOOOHOO! Beautiful name, beautiful baby, awesome parents. Congratulations.

Comment: Julie (Jan 9, 2004)

congrats Lou, Iris is adorable! all the best to you and your family.

Comment: Nobsato (Jan 15, 2004)

Lou, omedetou! and Konichiha, Iris-chan :)

Comment: Noel Franus (Jan 26, 2004)

We just had a new baby girl ourselves. The first. Nice to see more joy in the world! Congrats!

Comment: Brenda (Jan 27, 2004)

Wow, a girl! Congratulations to you and MJ! She's a keeper, for sure.

Comment: Lieke van der Meer (Feb 11, 2004)

Since it is never too late to congratulate someone with some'thing' so special, I wish the three of you a very happy, healthy, lovely and bright future!

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