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Apr 18, 2005: Death of a Spam Filter

WARNING: narcissism ahead

First my cell phone, now this: my spam savior, KnowSpam, is going the way of all flesh. Don't know why; seemed to work quite well and at a reasonable price. Oops. Maybe too reasonable.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement hosted spam filtering service? Considering that I get about 15K spam/day, I'd rather use a hosted service rather than installing something on my laptop. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Comment: donna maurer (Apr 19, 2005)

Lou, there are a couple of suggestions over on my blog (http://www.maadmob.net/donna/blog/archives/000620.html), but nothing as good as knowspam yet.

I just want a whitelist manager that doesn't let anything but the whitelist get into my computer. I don't want to filter it once it is downloaded.

Comment: Allura (Apr 20, 2005)

15000 spams a day?! Now that's what I call impressive -- I thought *I* really needed Knowspam because of my 3000!

I just wrote up a guide for my web site on transitioning from Knowspam to Spam Arrest, you might be interested in checking it out:


Comment: Lou (Apr 20, 2005)

Allura, your guide is great; exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Comment: Gordon Montgomery (Apr 22, 2005)

15,000 spam!!! I think you have bigger issues than filtering spam, my friend ;)

Maybe you should think about where your e-mail address has proliferated to and do something about that?

There good advice on spam protection here:

The problem with knowspam - which I tried - is that the recipients hate the "challenge question" that comes up...what a way to treat a friend...it DID work well after that but I guess it was the usability that killed it...but then it always does!

The secret to spam has to be a global, shared effort. If enough people around the world (say, 1 million) label something as spam then the "sender" should passed to that country's authorities, tracked down and closed down, every time.

John Rhodes has a good discussion here:

www.mozilla.org thunderbird does a great job in learning what is spam and dumping it.

Get www.grisoft.com 's free AV software - more reliable than Norton and helps stop spam too.


Comment: Ryan Bates (Apr 25, 2005)

Look into Spam Stops Here. We use it at work and it works very well.


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