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May 26, 2005: Taxonomy Experts

Seems like I get asked for names of taxonomy specialists frequently, so I thought I'd just publicize my list here on Bloug.

Some I've worked with closely, others I've just heard of. They're all independent consultants based in the US, so naturally the list is far from complete. Send me more and I'll add them.

June 7, 2005 Update: I've added some additional names, and have added locations for each consultant.

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Comment: Guy (May 26, 2005)

I propose Leonard Will (based in the UK)
Never met him, but his answers to questions on controlled vocabularies are always well considered.

Comment: Melvin Jay Kumar (May 26, 2005)

-- Shameless Plug --
I would like to highlight that if anyone is looking for a IA / Taxonomy specialist in Singapore /Malaysia and surrounding regions, you can look for me. :)

Melvin Jay Kumar - melvink2 at hotmail.com / melvink2 at gmail.com.

Being working as a Internal IA / Taxonomy CV/metdata/etc specialist in the region , now branching out to do independent consultancy.

-- End of Shameless Plug --

By the way Lou: I heard one of the KM organizations here is trying to bring you to Singapore for a talk? Any confirmation? Would love to attend your talk.

Thank You.


Comment: Lou (May 27, 2005)

Hi Melvin (and Guy); yes, there's a chance I might make it to the western half of the Pacific Rim this summer.

Melvin, is there a URL to share for you/your company?

Comment: Madonnalisa Chan (May 28, 2005)

I'm available for taxonomy, metadata, and search implementation here in the US and in Hong Kong. Currently I'm here in the US. No professional website yet since I'm still recovering from my return from HK. I can be reached at the above email link (m at mywhine.com) Please reference Bloug when you email me.

Comment: Joseph Miller (Jun 8, 2005)

The Hackett Group maintains the world's most robust and valid database of IT Benchmarking, Performance Metrics and Certified Best Practices. Our renowned IT TAXONOMY is core to our value proposition, and our ability to give you an objective, apples-to-apples comparison of your performance across a set of both efficiency and effectiveness measures.
E-mail me directly or visit our website for more information.

Comment: christina (Jun 9, 2005)

Don't forget the brilliant Sarah Rice! I beleive Madonna Lisa Chan is available these days as well.

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