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Oct 25, 2006: A dozen questions

WARNING: narcissism aheadCompletely unrelated to information architecture or user experience...

As the election season here in the US grinds its way to, hopefully, a palatable conclusion, I've been thinking about the kind of people who serve as elected officials and government administrators. I've only met one or two, certainly not a representative sample. If I ever have the chance to meet more, here are some questions I'd like them to answer for me before I vote:

Dear Candidate: have you ever...

  • ...grown food?
  • ...cleaned a toilet?
  • ...volunteered on a regular basis?
  • ...taken care of someone who was in very bad shape?
  • ...babysat? or changed a diaper?
  • ...lost a close friend?
  • ...been beaten up? beaten someone up?
  • ...traveled outside the country? your state?
  • ...tried to learn another language?
  • ...worried about money? about the future?
  • ...done something you deeply regret?
  • ...changed your mind?

What would you ask?

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Comment: Michael (Oct 27, 2006)

I would add: "Do you remember any of these things?" Politicians have become too detached from the real world. I'd love to develop a program similar to Ray Kroc's philosophy for his management team. All members of McDonald's management team regardless of level were required to work one day per month working in a McDonald's - cooking fries, flipping burgers, sweeping floors. It reminded them of who was really in charge.

Comment: Vera Bass (Oct 30, 2006)

Held a job in the private sector...and performed well enough to be promoted?

Started or operated a successful business venture ...including home-based, small or even part time?


Comment: Vera (Oct 31, 2006)

...and just one from a discussion with my American husband:

Have you read the Constitution?

Comment: Ed (Nov 3, 2006)

good questions Lou, pretty personal.

i'd ask "balanced a checkbook" or some
other kind of money question too

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