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Aug 30, 2001: Livin' La Vida Muerta

WARNING: narcissism ahead

OK, now it can be said: you are one morbid bunch. Almost twenty of you wrote to discuss my demise. Don't you have anything better to do? Do you really want the book that bad? Honestly, there are some used ones at Amazon, for crying out loud...

I liked what Matt Johnson wrote, especially as it didn't end up with me being dead:

I think you have completely misinterpreted all this. It sounds to me like you have a for real guardian angel. You are going to live for ever, no matter what stupid way you try to kill yourself. That will give you plenty of time to sort out the world's information architecture problems.

Well, based on the feedback to my recent "future of IA" postings on SIGIA-L, I think that I'm only creating more IA problems. Maybe I should reread these morbid submissions to turn up the most meaningful death I can find.

Paul Natress deserves special credit for humorously circular and ultimately self-defeating effort:

You will accidentally stab yourself with your pen whilst signing "To Paul" on your book and suffer from ink poisoning. How do you avoid this? Don't sign the book to anyone called Paul... D'OH!

Whilst you try to figure that one out, enjoy the winning entry in the "First Annual How Will Lou Die Contest and Tractor Pull," by the noted noter George Olsen:

Noted information architect Lou Rosenfeld was killed today while scaling an unstable polyhierarchy, which collapsed, burying Rosenfeld in an avalanche of metadata and thesauri. Although librarians rushed to the scene tried digging through the mounds of semi-structured text, their rescue efforts were hampered by the intense granularity of the content and false returns from search queries. "We knew what we were looking for," said Paul R. Bear, "we just couldn't find it."

Wow, wait 'til the wires get a hold of this one. It's not hard to tell that George was once a journalist, just like my beloved soon-to-be-bride Mary Jean. Only she had the taste and good sense not to participate in this contest. At least not until we join our lives and our bank accounts...

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