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Aug 14, 2001: Something You Won't Find on Ebay

WARNING: narcissism ahead

A special collector's item for Bloug subscribers only: this fine T-shirt from the 1993 Gopher World Tour:

Yes, the Gopherpocalypse was upon us in early '93. Gopher had gnawed its way out of its birthing pen at the University of Minnesota and into the imaginations of digerati across the globe.

Big choppers, pointy claws... and, by gosh, hundreds of servers. Iceland??? Cool!

Yes, the geomyidae juggernaut was upon us. What did it mean to me? Well, I was enthralled by Gopher and the idea of burrowing from server to server, one delicious hierarchy after another. No, enthralled is too weak a term. No sir, it was love, plain and simple.

So when Rich Wiggins gave a talk to my students at the University of Michigan that fall, predicting Gopher's demise as soon as that new graphical Web browser was publicly available, I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Ha ha ha, Rich.

After all, why on earth would we ever want to exchange hierarchies for hypertext? Hierarchies were logical and predictable means of organization and navigation. Hypertextual links, on the other hand, were random and incredibly personal associations that simply weren't appropriate for general consumption: no one else would understand them as labels for links to other pages. Harumph. Indeed, Rich, indeed...

OK, so once in a while I'm wrong.

As penance for my stupidity I'm prepared to reward you, the initial Bloug readers, with a chance to own this 100% cotton piece of history. On Friday, August 17, at 10pm EDT, I'll randomly select someone who is subscribed to the blougList to receive this rare and wonderful prize. If you're not already on the BlougList, here's how to subscribe. And if Ed McMahon is unavailable to drop it off at your house I'll personally send you this incredible object of intense historical significance and personal humiliation.

And yes, for crying out loud, I'll wash it first...
No purchase necessary. Employees of Argus Associates, its parent companies, and any of their agencies, affiliates and their families are not eligible to win. Photos by Saul Vielmetti (he's the one on the left; other guy is daddy Ed).

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