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Dec 21, 2001: Better than Caffeine

WARNING: narcissism ahead

Up at 5:30am today to get some writing done. Not my favorite time to be doing what's not my favorite activity. Anyway, we've been adopted by a cat these past couple months. Schwa stays with us about a third of the time, two- or three-timing us with other families, we suspect. Long enough for me to obtain my first experience cohabiting with a cat.

So I came downstairs to find Schwa staring at the base of the refrigerator. I started staring too. After a few patient minutes, we'd flushed out a mouse who made a break for the front hall, where reside all those big, heavy boots we rely on here in Michigan during our seven-month winters.

Scwha cornered the poor thing, I grabbed a boot, whack! whack!, and it was all over. Sorry Mickey, but it was quick and I hope relatively painless.

So now I'm fully awake and alive, pumped full of adrenalin, my heart still beating fast, and just totally awed by this inter-species cooperation and coordination. Schwa and Lou--we were a team, man!

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Comment: Timothy Mills (Dec 21, 2001)

Hey, Lou, the grass is still green in Ann Arbor, and we've had no snow yet. With all those boots you have at the ready, I wonder what you know that the rest of us don't.

Comment: Lou (Dec 21, 2001)

Come on Tim, you know better: hasn't Michigan weather betrayed you before? And after all, today's the first day of winter. I expect there to be eight inches on the ground before we turn in for the evening.

Comment: Michael Fry (Dec 21, 2001)

You know, maybe Schwa would spend more time at your place if you didn't keep "breaking" all his/her favorite toys. ;)

Comment: Edward Vielmetti (Dec 21, 2001)

Lou - last time there was a similar, er,
incident, I seem to recall being called into
service in the same role. Glad to know that
you have good domestic help!

Comment: Liz Augustine (Dec 28, 2001)

See, Lou, Cats think that humans are just big stupid cats. In particular, humans are very unresourceful when it comes to hunting. So cats will do everything short of hauling out the guillotine to disable prey so that the human can learn to be independent. I mean, they don't want to support you forever. Clearly, Schwa thought you were semi-competent, which is why s/he just cornered the mouse and didn't actually cripple it. Had you messed up, however, s/he probably would have heaved an enormous cat-sigh and trained you til you got it right. Pretty soon, you'll be running through the fields together. Happy mousing & Happy new year,
-- liz

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