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Dec 20, 2001: still wondering

WARNING: narcissism ahead

The mystery of not capitalizing continues. Here is some coverage in yesterday's edition of The Onion:

Art Major To Stop Capitalizing Name
COLUMBUS, OH—Michael Wechsler, 19, an Ohio State University art major, announced Monday that he is changing his name to "michael wechsler." "Isn't that so much cooler?" Wechsler said to fellow art major Ethan Reed. "The whole capital-letter thing has always bothered me. It's just a stupid rule that everyone else seems to think they have to follow." Wechsler is also considering changing the spelling of his first name to "mychal."

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Comment: hans (Dec 20, 2001)

did you know that in the german language every noun is capitalized? i wonder if they are proportionately offended by the new capitalization?

Comment: Lou (Dec 20, 2001)

Hans, what's the "new capitalization"? Some recent European Union diktat?

Comment: Lou (Dec 20, 2001)

Ah, taking an additional four seconds to re-read your posting helped; gotcha now. :-)

Comment: Andrew (Dec 21, 2001)

It's funny, though, how un-cool it turns out to be when you forget to capitalize your nouns in German. They just look at you funny-like.

Comment: Timothy (Dec 21, 2001)

The trend of not capitalizing is no mystery. It's just retro. You know, like all the clothing styles of the '70s (e.g. bell bottom jeans, platform shoes) that are so "in" now. The all-one-case style of writing just goes back to the 70s instead of the 1970s. Classical Latin and Greek didn't have any lower case. (Of course, they did use much in the way of punctuation or spacing between words either. Look for that as the next trend.) So, it's not new; it's just a twist on the old.

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