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May 09, 2002: Can Bloug do Good?

WARNING: narcissism ahead

This will be about the tenth spring that I participate in the Ann Arbor EcoRide to raise funds for our local ecology center. I've done very well hitting up friends and family for pledges, and have even led the fundraising field the past couple of years.

This is the first time I've blogged the Ecoride. (Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm about to ask you to support this great cause.) It's really an experiment to see if people I've mostly never met would support a cause in a town that they've mostly never visited. Low probability perhaps, but then again, I've seen some pretty weird and incredible stuff happen in blogspace.

So here goes. First, trust me: this is a great cause, and you can learn more about the Ecology Center here. Second, it's no fly-by-night operation; this is the event's 31st edition. Third, you'll be able to make all sorts of jokes about how you had something to do with my very sore butt. Fourth, there's even a mysterious anonymous contributor who'll contribute a dime for every dollar you pledge.

So please consider making a (tax-deductible) contribution. I'm doing the 60 mile ride, and you can pledge per mile. Or just a fixed amount will be fine too. Any and all amounts would be greatly appreciated. To participate, please email me the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Pledge amount (flat or per mile)
I'll hit you up for the checks (due June 8) later. Thanks!

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Comment: Chris (May 10, 2002)

Any chance of Paypal or some way for non-US readers to contribute?

Comment: Lou (May 10, 2002)

Unfortunately no. :-(

Although a check in francs or shekels or whatever could still be deposited at a US bank I imagine...

Either way, thanks for the thought!

Comment: Lou (Jun 10, 2002)

Just an update; we raised over US$2,000! Nice showing, and now it's time to rest my sore butt...

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