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Sep 16, 2002: Question for a Very Dreary Monday Morning

WARNING: narcissism ahead

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


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Comment: Ken (Sep 16, 2002)


You need to get out more and watch TV less.


Comment: Brad (Sep 16, 2002)

Only those of us who:
a) are sponges
b) don't already live in a Yellow Submarine

Comment: Jeff Stuit (Sep 16, 2002)

Don't pineapples float?

Comment: vanderwal (Sep 17, 2002)

By asking this question I see you have been sponging off Bob by acting like a square in your new pants. But, I really don't know the answer to your question.

Comment: Lyle - Son of a Usability Guru (Sep 17, 2002)

Whoever he is, he might have too many holes in his head. Come on, if you're going to live under the sea, why live in a pineapple. Sebastian Crab would never be caught dead in pineapple -- butter sauce maybe, but not pineapple.

Comment: Tom (Sep 18, 2002)

I do. With my trusty seahorse, Arturo. Together we fend of the dreaded Manta legions, keeping the seaways safe for cargo-laden freighters and festive cruise ships.

Comment: Jeff (Sep 18, 2002)

Sponge Bob can't hold water next to my favorite Nicktoon, The Fairly Odd Parents: http://www.nick.com/all_nick/tv_supersites/display_show.jhtml?show_id=fai

Comment: Murn (Sep 18, 2002)

On my errands today, I found you a SpongeBob SquarePants treat. On the back it informs us that "This product contains no Kelp."

Comment: Nick (Sep 24, 2002)

Have you visited Odd Todd lately?

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