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Feb 25, 2003: My Big News

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching a new day-long seminar called "Enterprise Information Architecture." I'll be tackling the frustrating challenge of getting a large, multi-departmental and hugely political web environment to behave like a single, unified, user-centric web site. You'll find the description and registration information here: http://louisrosenfeld.com/presentations/seminars/eia/

The seminar takes place in three US cities this spring, all in funky downtownish theaters. The X-Factor will be enhanced by the proximity of Steve Krug, he of Don't Make Me Think! fame. Steve will be teaching his own day-long usability seminar the day after each of mine — same cities, same venues:

Washington, DC
April 30: Lou
May 1: Steve
Los Angeles, CA
May 19: Lou
May 20: Steve
Chicago, IL
June 16: Lou
June 17: Steve

Questions? Please send them to seminars@louisrosenfeld.com, where my enormous customer service department is standing by to help you. (I'm headed out of town for a couple weeks.)

This is a really important topic: just about every client and prospect I've spoken to in the last two years has complained about how hard it is to do IA in a large, messy corporate (or government) setting. My seminar knits together most of what I've seen, learned, and figured out about how to do enterprise IA, and I hope you'll join me.

Please spread the word!

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Comment: Lyle Kantrovich - Crass Usability Guy (Feb 26, 2003)

Lou - excellent photo! Made me laugh, drew me in, and made me squint to read what's in the bottom right box in the diagram -- looks like "freedoma". Is that a cut-off patriotic message like "Freedom America" or a political statement of protest -- maybe "Free Domanick" (could be some IA being held as a political prisoner by a development group somewhere...)??? That's what I like about your site - it always makes me think.

The look on your face also makes me think you need some more fibre in your diet. Try some Grape Nuts, man! http://www.grapenuts.com/postcereals/gngnf.html

Oh, the seminar looks pretty rockin' too. Maybe you'll see me or some of my folks in Chi-town...

Comment: Mike Steckel (Feb 27, 2003)

Lyle, have you not seen "Duck Soup?" It says "Freedonia," the fictional country from the film.

I agree that the photo is excellent and the seminar sounds outstanding.

Comment: Jared (Feb 28, 2003)

Any chance you'll be bringing your wisdom to London?

Comment: JD (Feb 28, 2003)

Gee, I don't know. I think you look a lot less friendly than Edward Tufte does. I'd rather spend my money to see him.

Comment: Lou (Mar 2, 2003)

No plans for London, or SF (which many have asked about)... yet.

Mike, thanks for clueing in on the Marx Bros. reference.

JD, thanks for mentioning me in the same breath as Tufte, though maybe you lose some humor points for taking the photo seriously. Anyway, seems like your comparison is analagous to saying "I don't like Serena Williams' hair style, so I think I'll go see a Tom Cruise movie."

Greetings from Patagonia all!

Comment: Jorge Barahona (Mar 14, 2003)

Thank for your Enterprise Information Architecture today in Santiago de Chile.


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