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Mar 27, 2003: Parli Italiano?

WARNING: narcissism ahead

Just received my copy of Architectura dell'informazione per il World Wide Web, 2a edizione. Very cool to see the three circles of doom translated as "contesto," "contenuto," and "utenti"...

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Comment: Lou (Mar 27, 2003)

Just asked O'Reilly about other translations. PB2 is coming out in Korean, Polish, traditional Chinese (not entirely sure what "traditional" means in this context), Japanese and Russian.

Comment: Livia Labate (Mar 28, 2003)

Though I have read it in English, I would absolutely love to have one in Portuguese and believe me, so would a GREAT number of people here in Brazil.

I contacted your publisher and several local publishers here in São Paulo to see if I could make that happen but was *ignored by all of them*.

A real shame and a great loss for our Web Development professionals. I hope someday this will change and hopefully, the 'polar bear' will come to the tropics. :)

Comment: Eric (Mar 30, 2003)

Livia, perhaps if you could corral a few educational institutions into picking it as a textbook, then you'd make a stronger case for translation.

Comment: Livia Labate (Mar 30, 2003)

I agree with you Eric, however, the problems implicated in that are enormous. In a nutshell, not only Information Architecture is 'unknown' as a field here (and I mean something REALLY obscure), but our educational system is also very bureaucratic - a teacher often does not have the power to decide on the course books (thought that is not a rule).

Regardless, I often suggest the Polar Bear - but I feel it is a battle that can only be fought when we have sufficient quorum to speak for IA. Even when a person is interested in the book, access to it is complicated because 1) it is only available in English 2) it has to be imported - at prohibitive prices in our current economical condition (US$1.00 = R$3.50).

All the more reasons to have it translated to Portuguese. Would provide easier access to information through an affordable and locally available book. Even then, we will still face other 'cultural' barriers, specially the infancy of the field in the country. So many more problems... but I will refrain from invading Lou's blog space to discuss them ;)

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