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May 21, 2003: Cake That Will Lift Your Soul

OK, you'll probably never get to see one of them up close, but these cakes are abso-fuggin-lutely incredible edible art. Behold!!!

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Comment: Jeff Lopez-Stuit (May 21, 2003)

Have you tasted one of these? I'm always suspicious of huge, fancy cakes like these, because what holds them together is often something icky.

Taste aside, they're pretty amazing! So many colors!

Comment: ML (May 21, 2003)

Hey you forgot your little icon thingy ;)

Actually what's funny is that most cases these cakes use this thing called fondant...which is stiff icing...it's pretty and all, but it has to be scraped off the cake if you really want to enjoy the cake. At my wedding we had all this fancy fondant on the cake to replicate folds of fabric...most folks figured out to scrape it off...otherwise they would be "chewing" the icing for a while...the kids actually enjoyed it because it was like taffy/candy...

Comment: Lou (May 21, 2003)

Actually, I have it on first-hand account that the cake is very fudgy, and in my book, fudgy = heaven.

Comment: Lou (May 21, 2003)

BTW, it's interesting how quickly this snippet about cakes has veered into becoming a user experience discussion...

Comment: Tammy (May 21, 2003)

Thanks, Lou, for the nice words about Very Different Cakes!

Yes, as ML commented below, fondant (and its almond-paste sibling marzipan) are the medium of choice for cake makers who create elaborate designs.

Fondant is essentially an edible sugar playdough which can be brilliantly colored, rolled, draped, sculped and painted. Virtually all of our cakes are covered in a thin sheet of fondant - a canvas on which to paint and pipe.

Our flowers-on-wire are sculpted fondant too, and for our larger 'topper boquets' we embed huge Swarovsky crystals in the centers. Some newlyweds have kept their 'topper boquets' for a year or more; one couple even had theirs shellacked as a permanent keepsake!

We love working with fondant - our signature whimsical Dr. Suess cake fantasies depend on it. As InStyle magazine wrote, they're "eye candy". Cool.

Comment: Tammy (May 21, 2003)

I forgot to mention that many clients actually enjoy the taste of fondant and marzipan, eating the flowers and grapes like soft candies. But most guests will eat the cake and leave the thin fondant shell.

Whatever your preference, the cake flavor itself is what matters when its cut and served. We take pride in creating cakes as extraordinarily rich and delicious on the inside as they are whimsical and elegant on the outside.

Double yummy.

Comment: Livia Labate (May 21, 2003)

Wow, those look awesome. And they are certainly "very different cakes". I wonder if they could deliver some of those marzipan dragonflies and bumblebees to Brazil... They'd probably get here extinct. Oh bad pun. On a more joyous note *thought I'll probably get ostracized by it ha-ha* a little green bird [called Amazon Friends] reminded me:


Best wishes from the tropics. ;)

Comment: Lou (May 21, 2003)

I always knew a little green bird in Brazil would betray me some day. But thanks nonetheless for the birthday wishes nonetheless. I'm now officially deep into the early part of my late 30s.

But back to cake stuff: my lawyers advise me to inform you that I hold no interests, participate in no boards, and hold no stock or stock options associated with Very Different Cakes Corporation, its subsidiaries, licensees, or affiliates.

Comment: Jeff Lopez-Stuit (May 22, 2003)

"Deep into the early part of my late 30s"? So, how many days until you're at the beginning of the middle part of your late 30s? ;-)

Happy birthday, Lou. Having just turned 40, I promise you that you have great things to look forward to! :-)

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