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Jul 23, 2003: Ah, Joy Not Related to IA

WARNING: narcissism ahead

MJ and I have been playing on the Ann Arbor Observer softball team for the past three summers (ever since the demise of the late but not great Argus team). Our first season we finished 1-9; a year later, 7-3. Last night we won our tenth of ten. We're still shaking our heads; an undefeated season. Even more amazing, our starting lineup's age averaged about 45 (double that of some of our opposing teams). And our co-MVP is 71.

Some things do get better with age.

Unrelated again, MJ and I are off for a two week road trip out east. So no Blougage for the near future. Nope, this is the time for us all to suck the marrow from the bones of summer. Yum. Enjoy.

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Comment: murn and rico (Jul 23, 2003)

Busted! Where's the hotdog icon? In all our years, we've never seen such a narcissistic posting.

Still, glad to see you finished the season undefeated. Murn had been jonesin' to find out how the game turned out...

Have a great trip! If we win, you can send our signed copy of the polar bear to a worthy cause.

Comment: joe (Jul 25, 2003)

If you plan to come near Richmond, gimme a call.

Comment: Lou (Jul 28, 2003)

Woops; you nailed me, Murn'n'Rico. Actually, you found a problem; broken/missing tags. The hot dog it now in its rightful place.

Joe, which Richmond?

Comment: joe (Jul 28, 2003)

Richmond, Virginia...

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