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Feb 10, 2004: Jiggy With It

WARNING: narcissism ahead

The OK/Cancel guys are at it again. First their hilarious hip hop take on the East Coast/West Coast HCI rift. (I'm guessing that one or both of LL Spool J and Nielly will be gunned down by the finale. Assuming the Magnum sports a usable safety lock.)

Now "We Got It," the world's first HCI rap. Peter and I, among others, show up in the lyrics.

Desperately trying to figure out how to explain this to my mom.

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Comment: Dean Karavite (Feb 10, 2004)

Hi Lou - I'm a Lou groopy today with all these posts!

Any way, as I mentioned to you in an email, this attempt at UX hip hop leaves me flat. Being from Detroit, a city rich with a musical heritage, I have to say this track lacks any kind of groove or soul. I mean, here was a big chance to show that people in UX have a little "funk," but instead we get a Pat Boone-esque attempt at this genre of music. Oh well, I suppose it is appropriate after all.

Then again, despite Motown, Detroit is responsible for unleashing Madonna, Kid Rock, Eminem (and a few others I simply cannot bare to mention) on the world!

Comment: Brenda (Feb 13, 2004)

Hey "Notorious L.O.U." -- check out their next installment of the comic. Too funny.


Comment: Andrew (Feb 17, 2004)

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm note sure that I'd want to be on your team.

That Snoop Tog looks quite mean. :P

Comment: Lou (Feb 18, 2004)

Yeah, but we've got the Amazing Schneiderman...

Comment: Brenda (Feb 18, 2004)

Hey L.O.U.... if the teams are broken down by coast, shouldn't you be somewhere in the middle? Someone should send these boys a map.

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