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Sep 29, 2004: Bloug Goes Political

WARNING: narcissism ahead

I haven't posted anything political here on Bloug before, but the US elections are only five weeks away, and I've been really consumed by how I might feel early in the morning of November 3. The hundreds of millions of dollars that have been flushed down each campaign make many of us feel powerless to have an impact beyond our own votes. Perhaps one thing we can do is encourage others to register and to vote. Regardless of political persuasion, we can all feel better about the outcome if voting levels rise significantly higher than the roughly 50% turnout typical of most US presidential elections.

You might consider writing up the reasons you think it's worth voting this year and sending them to family and friends who usually don't bother. I'm not sure about sites supporting other candidates, but Kerry fans can also contact unregistered or under-voting folks in swing states via the MMOB site. I've sent this letter (28Kb MS Word file) to about thirty names and addresses supplied by MMOB.

Will it make a difference? Who knows, but contacting others is at least minimally a useful way to reaffirm your own beliefs.

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Comment: Anonymous (Sep 29, 2004)

Just wondering -- would/do you encourage Republican friends/associates/etc to vote?

Comment: Lou (Sep 29, 2004)

Yes, I'd prefer my candidate to lose an election that has 90% turnout rather than lose one with 50%. I think we'd all agree that high turnout is a good thing, regardless of our political preferences. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that it's good for Americans to vote (e.g., Florida in 2000, and Ohio just this past week).

Also, I don't know for certain that my Republican friends will be voting for Bush, just as I don't know my Democratic friends will be voting for Kerry. That's the beauty of the secret ballot; kind of like anonymous blog posting. ;-)

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