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Dec 06, 2004: Nice

WARNING: narcissism ahead


Nice to be done with the 2004 series of Enterprise IA seminars; nine times (seven public and two in-house) in a year is plenty enough.

Nice when attendees write nice stuff about it.

Nice to have the 2005 spring seminar schedule almost set; stay posted for details.

Speaking of the seminars, I've used this silly banner on my site to announce it the past two years:EIA banner with picture of mean Lou

It's silly in that I'd never make a face like that except in jest, and silly in how many people who saw it took it seriously. Really, I'm not that mean. The lower-right hand corner of the diagram tips off the joke; perhaps Freedonia would be a nice place to hold a seminar next year.

I'd like to replace the banner with something new for next year, but honestly, I have no idea what kind of visual would communicate enterprise IA. Any ideas? Maybe use my enterprise IA roadmap as a colorful background? Any suggestions would be appreciated, and if I use yours, I'll do something nice for you in return. Within reason.

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Comment: Jed Wood (Dec 6, 2004)

hmmm. I'm thinking anything that is literally flow chart-ish or diagram-like is just too obvious. Not that I have any better ideas off-hand...

Are you going to keep the same tagline?

Comment: Lou (Dec 6, 2004)

Wasn't thinking of changing the tagline, but hey, it's about to be a new year--I'm open to anything...

Comment: Kevin Cheng (Dec 6, 2004)

You could always commission OK/Cancel to draw one for you ;)

Speaking of nice, it was nice to finally get to meet the Notorious LOU last week. Hope you had a good time in London.

Comment: Keith Instone (Dec 7, 2004)

I'd go with a photo of you riding the push me / pull you Llama from Dr. Doolittle.

To me that represents EIA more than a polar bear.

Comment: Lou (Dec 7, 2004)

Yeah, but I'm sure I'd get sued by Disney about five minutes after putting up on my site...

Comment: Guy Valerio (Dec 8, 2004)

I think the tagline is still very relevant ;-)

Comment: ML (Dec 10, 2004)

Keep the tagline and you have to include some kind of "where's Iris?" in the photo or something.

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