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Dec 20, 2004: "You Aren't Your Title"

Great posting on Elegant Hack, Christina Wodtke's blog: "The User Experience Community is Thinking Too Small". Christina reminds us to stop sniping about who owns UX and focus on working together and designing good stuff. Amen. I'm also tired of tiffs on titles and turf.

Everyone should read Christina's posting and then make a New Year's resolution to pledge some spare cycles to UXnet, a volunteer effort which is actually trying to address these issues in a positive, constructive manner.

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Comment: Ron Zeno (Dec 20, 2004)

Well, "working together and designing good stuff" only works under very specific circumstances. I don't think those circumstances exist yet. While I agree that most of the title and turf arguments are a waste of time, they do often discuss some of those circumstances though.

As for UXnet: it seems to be focusing largely on being positive, it's promoting various personal and group interests, but the "constructive" part seems to be fairly trivial so far. I'm afraid that "positive" is going to end up meaning "uncritical support".

Comment: Tom Smith (Jan 5, 2005)

And of course, christina and you are both right, but then we are still all stuck with the job of answering what it is we do... I really struggle sometimes.. and sometimes it boils down to "I sell more shit"... which doesn't feel very worthy

Tom Smith
Head of Remarkabilty and Wowee!

Comment: Lou (Jan 5, 2005)

Yeah, but unless you're devoting yourself to helping folks in Sri Lanka, Darfur, and so on, we're all ultimately selling shit. And whoever you're explaining this to should understand completely...

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