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Jun 07, 2005: Information Architecture Columns

Great to see that Digital Web magazine is running a regular IA column, "Information Architecture for the People," by Joshua Kaufman. The latest column is full of useful practical advice, and I'm looking forward to Joshua's future columns.

I've been in list-making mode lately; what other regular IA features and columns are there? Here's my list of past and present columns; let me know what I may be missing and I'll make additions:

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Comment: Livia Labate (Jun 7, 2005)

And don't forget Boxes&Arrows.

We are missing that IA journal of failures that you suggested a while ago. THAT's what I want to see published.

Love the picture Lou ;)

Comment: Nick Finck (Jun 7, 2005)

It looks like the link to Peter's column is broken... it should point to:

Going through my RSS search for mentions of IA, etc. I'd have to ask, would blogs qualify? For example, Peter Van Dijck's Guide to Ease, Peterís Peterme.com, Christinaís Elegant Hack, as well as your own Bloug, Lou. Interesting that the line between formalized publication and the ad hoc world of blogging is becoming less and less significant.

Comment: Lou (Jun 7, 2005)

Nick, thanks for catching that; fixed now.

I thought about including blogs, but for no good reason I decided not to. Too many, I guess. Also, this little list generation exercise has proven to be something of a trip down memory lane; so many columns are defunct or nearly so. The blogosphere has really replaced the columnosphere. And by the time we IAs find ourselves writing for major print pubs, said pubs will probably be on their way down anyway (not that I'd turn down a chance to write for The Economist or somewhere like that).

Liv, I thought about B&A, but there's no single column there that's a regular IA thing. I realize that the whole pub could be construed that way, but I felt it was a bit of a stretch. And yes, still would love to see the JoIAF!

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