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Oct 28, 2005: Going to DUX?

I'm headed there next week. If you're going, stop and say hello. And if you have advice for me on my startup (a new publishing house dedicated to short, practical user experience books), please let me know. Thoughts on the following would be welcome in person at DUX (or right here on Bloug):

  • Quality: What makes a good book? And what makes a good book on designing user experiences?
  • Gaps: What UX topics are really begging to be covered?
  • Marketing: What are some smart, creative ways to promote UX-related books?

If you were starting a UX publishing house, what would you be considering/doing right now?

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Comment: Glen (Oct 28, 2005)

Marketing: Offer a limited supply of books for free to the visitors of targeted websites. "Subscribe to the XYZ newsletter and be entered to win one of 20 copies of the new book...." The site posts a thumbnail and short description, and collects entries, and picks the names. You pay for the books and postage. A lot cheaper than paying for ad space -- and likely better exposure.

Comment: Lou (Oct 28, 2005)

Glen, great idea. And much better than advertising. (I'd like to spend $0 on advertising the company's books, BTW.)

One question: how do you think this model compares with an Amazon Associates-style program? Or are they apples and oranges?

Comment: Glen (Oct 28, 2005)

At this point, I think setting up an affiliate program of your own will have a low ROI and distract you from more core elements of the publishing business.

I do like the various Amazon merchandising programs. You can make a list of all the books that are related to the kind you are publishing, pass that list to Amazon, and they'll send an email to people who bought "those others" and introduce those folks to your book. Its targeted and has been effective for me.

Comment: Lou (Oct 28, 2005)

Thanks again Glen; I'd been considering a very limited number of affiliates, organizations that I already know, to keep the overhead low and the value high (hopefully). I also agree that book lists are a great idea, and I'm working on that.

Please mention (or plug if you like) your book(s) if you like so we can see how it's worked. Thanks again.

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