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Jun 28, 2006: Comcast—Truly Evil

WARNING: narcissism ahead

Despite employing one of my favorite information architects, Comcast is steadily rising to the top of my service provider shit list.

Latest reason: I've been paying Comcast for four years for my office's dedicated cable modem. Now my loyalty has been rewarded with an unrequested and yet ominously "pending change" of my service from Comcast PRO to Comcast Workplace.

Comcast's letter makes it sound so simple and painless: "...no additional charges associated with the transition...", as well as a variety of new services that, naturally, I don't need. Enclosed with the letter comes a partially pre-completed "Workplace service order agreement" form that I'm required to sign and return to Comcast. Hmmm... And yet Comcast's letter proclaims how "It is important to Comcast that we provide our customers with the best available service options." Options? This sounds like an unfunded mandate.

Actually, it is a funded mandate, only in the wrong direction. Snuck into the new agreement is a 36 month service term. I'd never, ever, ever lock myself in to such a term. Of course, there's not a peep about service term in the letter.

Have questions about this? Feel free to call the number included in the letter as many times as you like. Unfortunately, you'll always get an automated greeting of "mailbox full".

Options? No additional charges? Best available service?

I don't think so, Comcast. And now, you scurvy dogs, the ball is in your court. Despite your sleazy spin job of a cover letter and your dishonestly-designed order form, I won't allow you for force me into what you so hypocritically describe as an "agreement". And if you automatically sign me up, you'll be hearing from my attorney. In the meantime, please go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

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Comment: mariano (Jun 28, 2006)

and dont forget that this is one of the companies that are lobbying to the end of net neutraly ;)

Comment: Lou (Jun 28, 2006)

Yep, another great reason!

Comment: dan klyn (Jun 28, 2006)

You're not alone in your F-bombingly frustrated situation with Comcrass.


Comment: Scott Abel (Jul 1, 2006)


Comcast is truly evil and clueless. We also have them as a "service provider" (yeah, right!) I plan to do a piece on a recent issue I had with their so-called customer service team. Anyway, thanks for sharig your frustration. Perhaps someone at Comcast is listening (I doubt it).

Comment: James (Jul 3, 2006)

Comcast promised us a DVR back in January. We wanted to order early to give us plenty of time before the World Cup. They couldn't provide an ETA. Apparently network monopolies don't need to do customer service OR supply chain management. It's July now. The Cup is half over. We've missed dozens of games because we don't have a DVR.

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