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Sep 12, 2006: Wherefore art thou, oh MMSWatch?

Perplexed friend writes:

I'm searching/surfing like crazy to find a central resource for a list of metadata associated tools (from thesaurus development to auto-classification tools that utilize metadata). I've visited Avi Rappoport's SearchTools.com site and it seems a little bit behind (lots of shaking in that industry the last several months). I've visited Willpower for thesaurus software and their list is ok.

However, you'd think that by 2006 there would be something like a CMSWatch or SearchEngineWatch but just for theaurus/taxonomy/metadata tools?

Perplexed friend is right: how come there's no definitive place to learn about this stuff? Maybe the industry hasn't matured enough just yet. I've been wondering when MMS (metadata management systems) would emerge to take their rightful place alongside the CMS industry.

Anyway, does anyone know of good sites for metadata management tools? If not, how about starting one? I suggest calling it MMSWatch...

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Comment: MJ Babic (Sep 13, 2006)

My dear sweet husband has given me permission -- nay, orders -- to post and correct his use of "wherefore". It's a common mistake, but "wherefore" doesn't mean "where"; it means "why" or "for what cause". When Juliet asks "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" she's saying, for crying out loud I just met the perfect man, and he's a member of the rival family. Wouldn't he be just the same, just as dreamy, if he were from some other family? A Rosenfeld by any other name would still smell as sweet but certainly wouldn't dissect search analytics with the same verve.

Comment: Brendan Quinn (Oct 2, 2006)

Hi Lou,

The closest resource I could suggest for your puzzled friend is the TaxoCop mailing list: archives at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TaxoCoP/ with its associated wiki, a useful page might be http://taxocop.wikispaces.com/TaxoTools

If anyone was to write the definitive tome on metadata tools, it would probably be Seth Earley, http://www.earley.com/ -- but I'm sure you know that already :-)

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