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Mar 25, 2007: IA Summit search analytics talk

Rich Wiggins and I gave our talk on search analytics at the IA Summit yesterday (slides here). Actually twice; the Summit now allows attendees to vote on sessions they'd like to have a couple chances to attend, which is a great idea considering how jam-packed the program has become. So apparently we are officially the first repeated IA Summit talk; nice.

This subject is really picking up steam. According to SlideShare, our talk has been favorited five times already.

We've got to finish the damned book...

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Comment: Prentiss Riddle (Mar 25, 2007)

So is SlideShare the new Twitter? As an obsessive backchannel at conferences, I mean.

Poor SlideShare -- how is it that they've got a .net domain and a squatter is sitting on the .com version? Interesting that the most viewed deck at SlideShare has about three miles of fashion model leg draped across it. Why am I not surprised? I'm sure I could hit #1 by composing a marketing study of the pr0n industry.

I'm just feeling snarky today because all of y'all are at the Summit and I'm not. Congratulations and have fun!

Comment: Andyed (Mar 25, 2007)

The finding of more clicks on result 10 than result 9 is a well known phenomena (ref: slide 26). I describe my explanations, influenced by a confirmation of the pattern by Jakob, on surf-mind.

PS - wish slideshare offered per slide #permalinks

Comment: mark (Mar 26, 2007)

Thanks for posting your slides. Every conference I speak at I get someone asking about clickstream analytics, and for the past year it's been related to search analytics and usage. Now I have someone I can send them to for more help :-)

I like your use of Slideshare, though I suspect scribd will surpass them due to support for broader document types and not having the pesky domain squatter problem.

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