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Jul 23, 2007: Seven is my favorite number...

WARNING: narcissism ahead...so I guess I won't complain about being named #7 on a list of the world's top 10 user experience gurus. This list was part of a broader report by E-Consultancy. The report, based on 700+ responses, actually has some really useful information, and I recommend having a look. The "gurus" list is just an eye-grabber, designed to get people like me to blog about it. ;-)

Speaking of attention grabbing, I'd like to get a couple new neologisms out there, these jointly coined by Iris, now 3.5 years young, and me: puptuplets ("when a lot of puppies are born"), and kittuplets (you can figure this one out). Not in Google as of right now...

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Comment: Brenda (Jul 23, 2007)

"This 64-page report, sponsored by behavioural research consultancy Bunnyfoot, is based..."

I'm having trouble taking seriously a company that calls itself Bunnyfoot.

#7 isn't too shabby. Glad to see Mr. Krug at the top, although I would have preferred to see him in the #1 spot.

Comment: Lou (Jul 23, 2007)

I think I'll merge this posting's two threads: "bunnytuplets".

Comment: mantruc (Jul 31, 2007)

Congrats on the 7th spot!

Wow, I've shared a beer with 4 of those, not bad at all ;-)

On the second subject, Iris is fun, hope to see her soon.

Comment: Walter Underwood (Aug 2, 2007)

From the title, I expected this to be about Harry Potter.

Congrats, regardless.

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