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Sep 05, 2007: Dangerous

WARNING: narcissism aheadI've just wrapped up a week of finding out what FaceBook is all about. Apparently, the future doesn't run on email. I run on email, so I couldn't quite imagine what that future would look like.

It is a scary future. Scary addictive. For example, I'm engaged in a couple knock-out-drag-down Scrabble games with other FaceBook users (the application is called Scrabulous in FaceBookLand, BTW, and is very nicely designed). But that's the difference: FaceBook seems to be more an activity tool rather than a communication tool. Email is about talking to each other, FaceBook is about doing things with each other. I can live with that; gotta have a life outside the professional realm.

Speaking of which, I'm guessing that LinkedIn will have a large impact on my work. I recently tried out LinkedIn's new "Answers" feature, which puts your question out to your network (mine is 247, within one degree of separation). Within a couple days I'd received 23 excellent answers to my very work-oriented question. I mean, the answers were really quite fantastic overall, and a number of useful introductions came from it.

I'm really impressed with both services, for completely different reasons. Who knows, maybe they'll manage to make me more efficient at both working and having fun.

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Comment: Chris Martin (Sep 7, 2007)

Since the question itself is closed, I'll second the recommendation for Karen Holzblatt's book. If you could maybe get her to write a second edition, that would be excellent.

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