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Jun 20, 2008: I'm Lou Rosenfeld and I approved this message

WARNING: narcissism aheadMary Jean, who's always been the best writer in the family, writes:

Nathaniel Oscar Rosenfeld was born Wednesday, June 18, at the extremely hospitable hour of 2:54 p.m. He was a strapping 8 pounds 6 ounces, and within minutes of emerging had figured out where the snack bar was, so we expect that number to stay impressive. After the world's longest pregnancy (27 years), everything went about perfectly with the labor and birth. That kid was so overripe he fell right off the tree.

Iris is crazy about having a little bother brother. When Lou called her after the birth, I could hear her scream with excitement, through his phone, from six feet away. She suggested we use her middle name, Rachel, as his too, but we decided that a little individuality would be a good thing for both of them.

Check them both out here.

We're trying to remember how to do this infant thing again, but have already been reminded how impossibly cute newborns are, and how much fun.

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Comment: Peter (Jun 20, 2008)

That *is* well written! :) And congratulations!!!!!

Comment: Rich Klarman (Jun 21, 2008)

Wow!!! Mazel Tov!!! We're glad to hear Iris is crazy about her new sib (Max is happy to have a new, baby brother-in-law, too).

We can't wait to see you all when we come to NYC later this summer. And maybe shoot some hoops with Oscar (Madison?).

By the way: I'm assuming that "bother" was a simply typo on the part of Bloug's off-shore production staff, and doesn't reflect any actual ambivalence on Iris's part toward her new bRother.


Joy! Joy! Joy! (And get some sleep, maybe.)

Rich, Myra, and Max

Comment: Lou Rosenfeld (Jun 21, 2008)

Fixed! Hopefully he won't be too much a bother...

Comment: David Malouf (Jun 21, 2008)

Lou and the rest of the Rosenfelds a heartfelt Mazel Tov to you all!!!

Wishing you all the best!!!

-- dave

Comment: Michele Marut (Jun 21, 2008)

Rosenfeld family,
Congratulations on your new member!
- Michele

Comment: Anthony Viviano (Jun 23, 2008)

Lou - big congrats to you and your wife!!!

Comment: Ron Daniel (Jun 23, 2008)

Congratulations Lou. That's great news. Best wishes to you and to all members of your family.


Comment: Pablo Lerner (Jun 24, 2008)

Mazel Tov, Louis!!! Best wishes to you. From Buenos Aires, Argentina,


Comment: Lakym97 (Jul 1, 2008)


Comment: Roberto Palacios (Jul 2, 2008)

Lou... Congratulations ! Way much better experience than a Conference. Best Wishes to you and your family from Monterey, Mexico.

Comment: Elisa Miller (Jul 8, 2008)

Mazel Tov!!! Can't wait to see Nathaniel at one of the upcoming conferences...

Comment: Elisa Miller (Jul 8, 2008)

Mazel Tov from TEXAS!!! Can't wait to see Nathaniel at one of the upcoming conferences...

Comment: lantzilla (Jul 14, 2008)


Comment: lantzilla (Jul 14, 2008)


Comment: Chris (Jul 18, 2008)

Congratulations Lou. I foresee him writing the polar bear book (19th edition) in 2040.

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