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Jan 08, 2009: Engaging with UX publishers

Hoping to make it easier to track (and crowdsource) UX publishing-related questions, comments, suggestions, and conversations with this Twitter hash tag: #uxpub. Don't intend this just for Rosenfeld Media stuff. There are lots of UX publishers out there, and it wouldn't be a bad idea for us to be in touch with each other and with our community in a little more explicit manner than we have to date.

Here's my back of the envelope list of UX-related publishers:

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Comment: Jess McMullin (Jan 8, 2009)

Some others (Google for www). It seems like you are including both publishers and periodicals like B&A and Digital Web that provide an outlet for UX content, so I've included both.

Apress (Some UI design)
MIT Press (In the Bubble, Digital Ground, and others)

Interactions (SIGCHI)
User Experience (UPA)

BusinessWeek Innovation & Design section
lots more in the big D design world and graphic design - I.D. Magazine, HOW, C

Adobe Think Tank
SAP Design Guild
frog Design Mind

Comment: Lou (Jan 8, 2009)

Jess... You're going to make me look up all these URLs?

Comment: Lou (Jan 8, 2009)

Also, likely Clickz and Sitepoint should be on the list.

Comment: Jess (Jan 8, 2009)

I was carrying the 10 day old kiddo at the time, so felt pretty proud of myself to be able to post at all ;)

Comment: Lou Rosenfeld (Jan 8, 2009)

Well, shoot: CONGRATULATIONS! Name, weight, serial #, pix?...

Comment: John Allsopp (Jan 8, 2009)

Hi Lou,

we are quire new, but Scroll Magazine featured a detailed article by Indi Young in our first edition, and aim to publish a number of times a year (in print and online), covering UX, web design and development, IA, and all things related to the web.


Comment: Richard Anderson (Jan 9, 2009)

Jess included interactions magazine in his list as "Interactions (SIGCHI)." Just a note that interactions is NOT a SIGCHI publication; it is an ACM publication.

One way that people can subscribe to interactions magazine is by becoming a SIGCHI member, since at one point in time, SIGCHI decided to include a subscription to interactions magazine among its membership benefits. But there are other ways to subscribe, including cheaper ways for those who are members of certain other professional associations; we'll be rolling those out in the next few weeks.

Comment: biaxircance (Jan 13, 2009)

I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too...

Comment: Enlargement (Jan 15, 2009)

I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

Comment: Lou Rosenfeld (Jan 16, 2009)

Another: Ambidextrous Magazine. http://ambidextrousmag.org

Comment: deebratiede (Jan 20, 2009)

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