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Apr 15, 2009: Visiting London and Hamburg in May

I have a pretty insane travel schedule next month. I'll be in Hamburg May 15-19, and London from May 19-21. MJ won't talk to me, Iris pouts, and little Nate spits up on me whenever the subject comes up. Plus I'll be working hard all day on my birthday (May 20). So, EuroUXers, please make it worth my while by showing up at one of my talks. I thank you, my family thanks you.

Here's the schedule:

  • May 16: I'll be keynoting the Deutsche IA Konferenz. I'm looking forward to catching up with the other speakers, including Peter Van Dijck, Peter Boersma, and Andrea Resmini.
  • May 18: I teach my day-long Enterprise Information Architecture Seminar for the first time in Europe since 2003. Jim Kalbach will be teaching two very interesting workshops on ethnography and personas the next two days; we'll both be hosted by Karen Lindemann of Netflow, one of the hubs of user experience in Germany. Registration details are here; the early bird deadline is April 30.
  • May 20: I teach my day-long Site Search Analytics Workshop for the first time in Europe. (Yes, the book really is coming along). Steve Krug teaches his Discount Usability Workshop the next day. Steve and I will be hosted by the absolutely wonderful people at Etre, and teach at the ICA, which I hear is quite a nice venue. Registration and more information is here. And the early registration deadline is coming up very soon: April 20.

My warmed-over corpse will then try to make it to its first UPA in early June.

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Comment: Peter Boersma (Apr 15, 2009)


Comment: Lou (Apr 15, 2009)

Heh. All you Dutch PeterBos. Will fix in a moment. :-)

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