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Nov 08, 2010: Should we be selling things other than (our) books?

I could use a little help here. First, my question: are there physical UX products that you think Rosenfeld Media should carry other than the books we publish ourselves? Such as something that you've been producing?

Let me explain: Rosenfeld Media has put together a solid fulfillment network. We now warehouse and ship our books from the US (Detroit, soon to be replaced by Chicago) and the UK (Belfast). Canada (Toronto) should be coming online within the next month. I'm expecting us to fulfill out of an Asian location next year. And this network is backed by what many consider to be superlative customer service (thank you, Karen Corbett).

There's no reason that Rosenfeld Media couldn't also handle other physical UX-related products the same way. And over the past couple years I've informally talked with a handful of UX people who have products they'd like us to consider selling on their behalf. These include sets of cards, self-published books, notebooks, and posters.

I just don't have a very good overall picture of what kinds of products are out there, physical products that you'd either like to sell or would like to buy (and if you're a potential seller, wish that someone else would handle the transaction processing, fulfillment, and customer service). Whether you make the stuff or want to buy it, what products come to mind? If there are enough to consider making this a Rosenfeld Media program, I don't see why we wouldn't do it.

Thanks for any ideas you might have. And if you'd like to contact me directly to discuss it offline, I'm lou at rosenfeldmedia dot com.

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Comment: Peter (Nov 8, 2010)

The stuff that comes to mind (and that I see in offices) is: the various posters, real-life templates (there's an ipad template made out of metal for drawing), card decks and other ux paraphernalia that UX teams enjoy.

Pretty much everything I can think of is paraphernalia though, nothing that is really needed for work, that I can think of. Not sure if that matters.

Since you have the customer right there, I think it makes some sense to upsell them these things. Just not sure how much sense.

Comment: Samantha LeVan (Nov 8, 2010)

For years I've loved Nikol Lohr's handmade datebooks and it got me thinking - how about partnering with her to create amazing UX datebooks that could include conference registration dates, UX tidbits and exercises, etc. It would be incredibly unique and super fun!

Here's some info on what she's offering this year:

Comment: Lou (Nov 8, 2010)

Thanks folks; I guess one issue is that Rosenfeld Media doesn't have the bandwidth to get into the creation of these products (other than, say, our own t-shirts and hats, which will be available some day). Really looking for things people are already creating or would continue doing so if they didn't have to screw around with selling/fulfilling/servicing...

Comment: ML Chan (Nov 12, 2010)

Possibly konigi products as part of the upsells.

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