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Mar 07, 2011: Tilting at silos again

Just finished a new deck for a talk called "Beyond User Research". I'll be giving it at both the IA Summit in Denver (April 2) and as one of the keynotes at UX Lisbon (May 13). Silos are once again featured—only this time, rather than bitching about content silos, I'm railing at how the insights that come from various varieties of user research are so fragmented that organizations are missing out on their true potential.

I've given a couple of lackluster keynotes before, so this time I decided to unlock the amazing power of Brooklyn's UX community and do a dry run. Get this: I got Alex Wright, Anders Ramsay, Mark Raheja, and Paul Ford to sit with me for almost two hours of practice and critique. Unbelievably helpful.

I'm very glad I moved here.

Anyway, here are the slides; feedback welcomed!

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Comment: Peter Boersma (Mar 8, 2011)


Looks promising, and I look forward to seeing you present this at UX Lisbon in May!
But, especially for the Lisbon audience and to a degree also for the IA Summit, you may want to watch the amount of Americana in the slides. Reese's, brown bag, tails wagging dogs, Palin's refudiate, and even Bob Hope may be too much for an international audience.

Remember: humor is one of the hardest things to translate over cultures (http://www.humorpower.com/blog/2007/08/cross-cultural-humor-diversity-and-public-speaking/)

Comment: Lou (Mar 8, 2011)

Great suggestion, Peter; I'm sure I'll tweak it anyway after giving it at the IA Summit. Good stuff to keep in mind. And thanks for actually getting through it all the way to the end!

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