Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--May 15, 2005 photos

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I think some poor girl named Sadie is looking for her chair.

Guess where all that soy sauce went.

Unlike everyone else who bought this book, Iris actually read it.


On the slide at a Bleecker Street playground.

Iris with (from left): Uncle Mark, mom, and Uncle Dan.

Iris demonstrates her command of Downward Pointing Dog.

O great Tina, I bow to thee.

Christo's Gates don't impress Iris.

Now sheep, that's worth waking up for.

Interspecies communication.

Performance art.

What, no, me? Oh, those. What?

About time she started lifting her weight around the house.

Don't look at the baby behind the curtain!

Enjoying a book with honorary Uncle Sean.

Rear view.

All right, listen, hippo. I'm in charge here.

Already borrowing mom's clothes.

Planning an escape route, just in case.

The pillow/duckie one-two combo always results in sock lossage.

Target: Rocking chair.

With dad's t-shirt down for protection, Iris kicks back with a book...

...but too much reading, like too much clothing, drags a gal down.