Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--November 9, 2005 photos

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A warm day in Mom's arms.

Reading "The Lorax" and waiting for a phone call.

Drinking up love from Grandpa and Grandma Rosenfeld.

"No, dad, they're clearly cumulus; don't let the jet contrails confuse you."

Iris notes that Dad may have overdone it a bit with the flour.

She's happy and she knows it.

And here's Dad once again.

On a trip to Minneapolis, Iris emulated her cousin Marco (and his twin Jacob, who wandered away from this photo).

Iris gets creative with Aunt JoAnn. (Cameo by Uncle CJ's legs.)

"Well shut my mouth, Pumpkin; your face DID just get up and walk away."

"Now don't you stop pushing until that tractor is ALL the way back in the barn."

Iris, Mom and honorary Uncle Sean, in the environs of Mt. St. Helen's.

Family portrait at Multnomah Falls, outside Portland.

At a playground near Powell's Books in Portland, the site of a pilgrimage for Mom.

Ready, set, slide.


Super-size me.

Hey, check this out--I was just raking up some leaves and I came across this gorgeous little girl.