Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--April 3, 2006 photos

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"I told Mom to avoid genetically modified grapes..."

"ACK! I'm sprouting petals!"

On Grandma and Grandpa's balcony in Florida.

Iris reenacts Omaha Beach.

"I don't know why Mom swears so much; this knitting stuff's a piece of cake."

A sofa full of Babics. From left, Anne, Max, Grandma, Iris, Nick, Grandpa, and Joseph.

A winter day at Barton Pond.

Ya gotta have heart.

"...but you told me you weren't going to wear your red dress..."

"I hear the eggs Benedict are out of this world."

Who needs cream cheese?

The cover for our next album.

You can't tell, but she's wearing five towels. Or maybe you can.