Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--January 27, 2007 photos

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Iris's first trip in a canoe, fording the Mighty Huron.

Next, "Gravity's Rainbow."


Just so everyone knows: Iris is old enough to drive, and she goes to high school.

Summiting after a good day's climb.

Blind eye.

Afternoon snuggle.

Wrapping herself in happiness.

On the shores of Lake Chautauqua, New York, where we spent a week in July with friends. She was instantly smitten with David.

Pickerel Lake, our favorite swimming hole in the world. This was about the hottest day of 2006, almost too hot to swim.


What's she looking at?

Boot scootin'.

Lovingly crushing mom's larynx.

I'll really miss this place.

All girl.