Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--March 13, 2004 photos

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Here's Iris about to ...

... lose it.

Hanging with Mom and Grandma Rosenfeld in Florida.

Iris seems to like the discovery that there is more than cold and ice in the world.

Dapper in her oatmeal outfit.

Final seconds of a sneeze.

Ah, that's better.

Grandma Babic has the magic touch.

But apparently not Grandpa Babic.

After this, the police cited her for excessive use of glee.

Flying baby, with Uncle Mark.

We don't know what we'd do without the Baby Bjorn.

"Psst! Iris doesn't know that I just slipped a stink bomb under her bouncy seat! Let's watch and see what happens."

"Nice epiglottis, Mom."

"So, you see sweetheart, although the ROI of a controlled vocabulary is hard to document, it really enhances the user experience."