Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--May 17, 2004 photos

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Making an Iris sandwich.

Flying Baby, the perennial hit.

Hand-wringing and Daddy love.

The many faces of Iris.

A perfect pinwheel, rarely seen in nature.

Dad scares Iris.

But Mom doesn't.

Let's guess why Iris is concentrating so hard.

Iris and Lou at the Arb.

Iris loves being outdoors.

You just never know what physical traits you'll pass on to your kids.

She looks like she's about to start reciting poetry or something.

Iris's heft is no trouble for cousin Jordan.

Chillin' with cousin Haley.

What's good for cousin Leo is good for Iris.

Outdoor Girl strikes again.

With the grandparents Rosenfeld in Connecticut.

We gotta stop letting her watch all those Kiss videos.

Iris with (you had to know this was coming) iris.