Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--August 22, 2004 photos

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Nothing like a good foot jiggle. (Photo by Nancy Osborn)

Enjoying the view from on high. (Photo by Nancy Osborn)

Nano, Iris and Lou make the finals of the Silly Face Contest.

What fine posture.

"Um, cold nose, Mom."

Playing around with cousin Maya.

A gal can only take so much fun in the sun.

Splendor in the grass 1. (Photo by Sean Oslin)

Splendor in the grass 2. (Photo by Sean Oslin)

Splendor in the grass 3. (Photo by Sean Oslin)

"Really? You're friggin' kidding me--Britney got married again?" (Photo by John Baird)

"I just about *died* when I saw a bouillabaisse recipe that calls for *salmon*!"

Thanks, AOL, for sending us all these free toys.

All geeked to hang out with big girl Fiona.

"Go away, kid, you bother me."

You rang?

No phrenologist is getting near this head.

Family portrait, with an unnecessarily wide-angle lens. (Photo by John Baird)