Iris Rachel Rosenfeld--October 17, 2004 photos

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"Dad, spending on stuffed rabbits was way under budget this month, so let's work on getting those numbers back up there, OK?"

Spotting a baby with possibly more rolls of chub, Iris's competitive streak comes out.

Searching for the right word, and then ... inspiration!

"You guys, you guys, wait'll you hear this, wait, I mean, OK, seriously, you won't believe it. It's, like, oh my God."

Something worth standing up for.

Master of all she surveys.

Grand plans.


A visit from Uncle Mark...

...and Uncle Dan.

We can't figure out if we're coming or going.

And the winner, after ten rounds, is...

A snuggle with Grandma Rosenfeld...

...and Grandpa Rosenfeld.

"What in the world is that?"

To Iris, things are always looking up.