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Selected Interviews

"Your Web Site Isn't Finished"
The Street, January, 2012.
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"Site Search Analytics: A Conversation with Lou Rosenfeld"
UX Matters, July, 2011.
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"Interview With Louis Rosenfeld, Author Of Search Analytics"
SearchEngineLand, July, 2011.
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"IA and Content Strategy?"
Content Talks with Kristina Halvorson, April, 2011.
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"Web Analytics and User Experience: An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld"
Johnny Holland, January, 2011.
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"Can UX thinking save the book?"
Adobe Inspire, October, 2009.
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"Q&A: Lou Rosenfeld on site search analytics"
E-consultancy, October, 2008.
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"Better Know a Speaker: Interview with Lou Rosenfeld"
An Event Apart, August, 2007.
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"Interview with Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld"
Computerworld.com, February, 2007.
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"SPARK UX interview with Lou Rosenfeld"
ARCast.net, October, 2006.
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"A conversation with Lou Rosenfeld about search analytics, information architecture, and designing for usability"
InfoWorld, June, 2006.
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"Lou Rosenfeld Eats his own Dog Food: Book Publishing as a Design Challenge"
Boxes and Arrows, January, 2006.
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"Enterprise Information Architecture: Don't Do ECM Without It"
EContent, May, 2004.
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"Louis Rosenfeld: The InfoDesign interview"
InfoDesign, February, 2004.
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"Enterprise Information Architecture: Strategies for the Real World"
interactions, November/December, 2003.
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"Lou Rosenfeld and Steve Krug on the User Experience Consulting Experience"
WebReference.com, April, 2003.
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"An interview with Peter Morville and Lou Rosenfeld, Information Architects"
Digital Web Magazine, December, 2002.
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"The indie life: Talking with Louis Rosenfeld"
Boxes and Arrows, August, 2002.
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"Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld, Argus Associates, Inc."
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science, August/September 2000.
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"An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville."
O'Reilly & Associates, January 2000.
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"Information Architecture Revealed."
WebWord.com, May 1999.
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"Amazon.com Interview: O'Reilly's Information Architects."
Amazon.com, May 1998.
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Boxes and Arrows

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science

CFO Magazine

CIO Magazine


Crain's Detroit Business

Design Matters

The Detroit News

Digital Web Magazine

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Internet Week

Intranet Professionals

Investors Business Daily

iQ Content

JohnnyHolland Magazine

Knowledge Management Magazine


The New York Times

O'Reilly & Associates

Realtor Magazine


The Street

UX Matters



The Working Council for Chief Information Officers